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Digg v4 and My Thoughts on the User Backlash

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Last Wednesday, Digg launched it’s newest and most ambitions iteration, version 4, to the masses. I had been using Digg v4 for several months now, as I was lucky enough to get into the pre-release testing phases. I found myself very impressed by the new design and features, so much so that it actually got me digging again. Prior to this I would sporadically check Digg for articles, but I never logged in, nor contributed in any way. Because of this, I was mildly surprised to see such a large backlash from the user-base. Note, I didn’t say I was completely surprised by the backlash, merely surprised at the level of backlash. Change is always hard on some portion of the user-base, and it is to be expected, just as Facebook. Following the backlash has left me feeling that it’s a bit undeserved on Digg’s end, though I’m not completely without sympathy for the anger and frustration some are experiencing. Read more…

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