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Dream Car Wish List

I noticed several blogs contain car wish lists and top 5’s and the like. With that said, I do understand that this is not exactly the most original proposition for a blog post, but I think my list may be a little different from what you would normally see. My list isn’t all about Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. Actually, only one of them can truly be considered a super-exotic. Enough blathering from me, on with the list:

1) Nissan GT- R

The Nissan GT-R is without a doubt the quintessential super car killer. With a hand crafted 485hp (supposedly) twin-turbo v6, AWD, and enough electronic gizmos to make even the most jaded technophile nerdgasm three times over.

To me, this car is the perfect combination of performance, styling, and price. It looks great, is insanely fast, and will outperform many super cars twice or three times it’s sticker price. It’s the ultimate mechanical masterpiece. The only qualm I would have with the GT-R is that it really doesn’t stir the soul like other cars do. Its as if the designers and engineers wanted to make the ultimate driving appliance, not the ultimate driving car.

2) E46 BMW M3

In my opinion, the last must-have BMW ever made. Sure, the 135i comes close, but still suffers from BMW’s recent styling issues. That’s a nice way of saying that all current BMW’s are incredibly ugly. It’s as if the lead designer at BMW had a stroke, didn’t realize it, and kept drawing on the page anyway. Sure the performance is still amazing, but eventually someone will see you driving your new BMW.

The e46 M3 is a beautiful car to behold. It looks muscular, menacing, and poised to tear up any road you put in front of it. With this car, BMW discovered a formula for making the world’s best all around car:  330hp, 3.2l I6 + 6-speed MT + room for 4 + a trunk. Multiply that with BMW’s magical tuning, and you have yourself a world class car that cannot be beat for everyday use.

3) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

Not a whole lot to say about this one. It, like the M3 above, is what I consider to be the last REAL Evo. The Evo IX was an amazing machine, that didn’t worry about creature comforts or interior build quality. It was a purpose-built machine that only existed to go fast, in almost every type of terrain you could imagine. The 4G63 engine was practically invulnerable, and the car itself is best described as “pure.”

For the Evo X, Mitsubishi decided they wanted to make the car more comfortable, more luxurious, and more stylish. In the process, they killed every bit of passion and soul that you found in the Evo IX.  There are also rumors that the next Evo will be a hybrid. So the Evo IX may very well be the last true Evo that will have ever been built.

4) Lotus Elise (Series 2)

Every garage needs a roadster. There are some days, where the sun is shining, the weather is perfect, and you have nothing scheduled. It feels almost criminal to drive a fixed-roof vehicle on days like this. Hence, you need a roadster, and if you are buying a roadster, you may as well get the best roadster you can. Hence, the Elise.

5) Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Aston Martins. To me, they are the most beautiful, elegant cars on the road today. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at the DB9, DBS, or the Vantage, all will equally arouse you. Just make sure you’re not in a very public place, or you may get charged with indecency. In my case, the ultimate Aston is not the most expensive, the biggest, or even their flagship. To me, the must-have Aston is the V12 Vantage, which is ironic, because you cannot purchase the the V12 variant in the United States. We only get the V8, which is still an amazing machine, the V12 just makes it a little more insane.

To put my lust for the V12 Vantage in perspective for you, I would gladly turn down the opportunity to own the 4 above cars (together) just to get the Vantage. It’s that special. It’s easily my most coveted car, one that I probably will never own.

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